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The Südtiroler Künstlerbund operates seven working studios for South Tyrolean artists, each for a duration of 3 years.

There is a great need for affordable workspaces and artist studios.

The area on the ground floor of the Deutschhaus, covering almost 500 m² and connected by two courtyards, provides ample space and freedom for creative work. The studios are easily accessible near the city center. Due to the immediate proximity to SKB Artes, the production and representation contexts merge under one roof. This inherent coexistence stimulates fruitful interaction between research, production, and presentation. A direct exchange takes place between art producers, art educators, artists, theorists, critics, and curators. Participants and non-participants, affected individuals, and addressees are equally drawn in and become part of artistic processes, both practical and theoretical. A interface between public and private spheres emerges.

In total, seven studios and workspaces ranging in size from 16 to 50 m² are available. Four studios, each approximately 50 m² in size, have their own entrance. Three smaller studios are located in the former offices of the SKB and are accessible via a few stairs.

The costs, including expenses, amount to 350 euros for the larger studios and 150 euros for the smaller ones per month. Allocation is governed by a binding lease agreement.


Additionally, the following facilities are available for shared use:


  • A communal kitchen
  • Four bathrooms without showers
  • 200 m² of inner courtyards
  • A project space called Frei.Raum measuring 50 m²
  • A storage room measuring 40 m²


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