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The City Gallery of Brixen

The Stadt Galerie (City Gallery) located in the center of Brixen / Bressanone was renovated in 2019 and reoriented to contemporary works. Starting in 2020, it will be managed by the SKB. The City Gallery's new assignment is to promote, further develop, and communicate the personal and social value of now-art. In the future, the potential of historical art treasures as storehouses of memory in dialog with contemporary artists will be more-effectively conveyed. Art as a reflector of overall social and cultural processes thinks about social, political, technological, economic, and ecological circumstances. The SKB cooperates not only with the City Gallery but also with institutions and organizations in the province in order to develop synergies and to expand the network for the artists. A commission will appoint a new curator for the City Gallery each year whose job it will be to curate 4-5 exhibitions.


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