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SKB Artes sees itself as a place where contemporary art is presented, mediated, and discussed. With its program covering contemporary art, literature, music, and architecture in all its forms of expression, SKB Artes aims to make the spectrum of South Tyrolean art accessible. SKB Artes sees itself as a bridge for exchange between artists, curators, art experts from all disciplines, and a diverse audience.


As a non-commercial art space, SKB Artes explores contemporary trends and brings its members together with artists from other disciplines and countries. Thanks to its international connections to art institutions and networks with similar orientations, SKB Artes promotes the sophisticated dissemination of new art forms and dialogue with the public both within and outside South Tyrol.


The historic rooms offer space for comprehensive group exhibitions as well as manageable solo exhibitions by members. At the same time, initiatives in literature, music composition, and architecture are presented, creating interfaces. Developments and projects of an expanded concept of art are illuminated to shape and promote a vibrant cultural scene through its members and beyond.


SKB Artes is located in Bolzano, not far from the historic center. The generous historic rooms in the Deutschhaus on Weggensteinstrasse are divided into an exhibition space of around 400 m², which can be used either integrally or modularly, and a library that includes a comprehensive collection of literary works by South Tyrolean authors, artist monographs, and collective works.


All rooms have a ceiling height of 3.80 m and are equipped with modern, technically flexible direct and indirect lighting fixtures at 4000 K.


SKB Artes will open in 2024, thus taking over the legacy of Gallery Prisma (1989 - 2023). Thanks to the long-standing existence of the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (founded in 1946) and established cooperation, SKB Artes has, from the outset, alongside its over 450 members, a broad network of partners in the arts, exhibition handling, business, and science.


The annual program is developed by the SKB board and management. Inquiries are welcome and will be reviewed by the board and management. Suggestions for projects that fit into SKB Artes' program can be submitted via E-Mail to Please note that SKB primarily provides space for its members and the South Tyrolean art scene in international exchanges.

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