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Kunst aus Zeit ?

Albert Mayr

Workshop with Albert Mayr

For several years, all sorts of topics have inspired art – be it environmental issues, questions of a social or political nature, or even garbage. Only the subject of time, and its day-to-day significance, has not found its way into the creative realm. In fact, most people have unpleasant associations with the matter – looming deadlines, unwanted interruptions, and time spent on joyless tasks.

And yet, every day, different moments and situations leave us with positive and in a way even "successful" experiences of time: the good pace and perfect length of a conversation, a fortunate encounter at just the right moment, or the delay of a train one would have otherwise missed. Moments and experiences such as these are often underappreciated and quickly forgotten.

This workshop will be concerned with finding an aesthetic approach to such "temporal successes," and might even encourage a more benevolent understanding of time management and a greater enjoyment of time itself.



21.11.2019, 6 p.m. (duration: approx. 90 minutes)

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