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Wohin geht die Reise | Alles ist Wechselwirkung

group show

Cooperation from Südtiroler Künstlerbund and Künstlerforum Bonn

Leonhard Angerer (IT) I Darja Eßer I Sibylle Feucht I Christine Gallmetzer (IT) I Thomas Grandi (IT) I Annegret Heinl I Hubert Kostner (IT) I Susanne Krell I Martine Metzing-Peyre I Sissa Micheli (IT) I Jindeok Choi I Elisabeth Oberrauch (IT) I Anuschka Prossliner (IT) I Karin Schmuck (IT) I Karl Theo Stammer (DT /IT) I Sukyung Kim (DT) I Lukas Thein (DT)


The exchange exhibition in Bonn 2019 and in Bolzano 2020 deals with travel and its side effects. The traveling of the artists themselves, individual experiences as well as social and ecological connections are part of it. "Alles ist Wechselwirkung" (everything is interaction) quotes the world-famous traveler Alexander von Humboldt. His thinking in connection with the works of art seems surprisingly topical. Both intentional and surprising references can be made to the universal scholar, natural scientist and "networker" who was born 250 years ago.


OPENING in BONN on Sunday 8th September 2019 at 11 a.m.:

Introduction by Lisa Trockner I Südtiroler Künstlerbund and Susanne Grube I Künstlerforum Bonn


Duration of the exhibition at Künstlerforum Bonn, Hochstadenring 22-24, 53119 Bonn: 08.-29.09.2019


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