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BINA - New Tradition

group show

An Exhibition of the Südtiroler Künstlerbund for the BINA – Belgrade Architecture Week

The format New Tradition follows up to the successful exhibition “Hosting the Dolomites – Appropriation of Space 7/7”, shown in Moscow (Susev Museum of architecture), Vienna (Italian Embassy), Zagreb (ORIS House of Architecture) and Thessaloniki (Bensoussan Han) between 2016 and 2018. The re-adaptation of the exhibition concept aligns to the Theme of the BINA 2019 “Positive and Active”, fostering a deeper relation to the cultural and build environment, showing 8 architecture and 8 art positions.


The exhibition concept rests upon the well-known hospitality of South Tyrol by expressing its cultural and multi-lingual character. As being a three-language speaking region, with a many faceted cultural scene, the exhibition aims to extend an invitation at the common table. Visitors take a seat at the big table, where architectonical and artistic dishes are served (exhibited). Tradition, re-interpretation and creative outwork are listed on the menu. Mahlzeit (German), Buon appetito (Italian), Bun Apetit (Ladin).


To display the rich-facetted cultural practices of architects and artists of South Tyrol, an international Jury, consisting of Verena Konrad (VAI – Vorarlberger Architekturinstitut), Boris Podrecca (Atelier Boris Podrecca), Eva Gratl (Cultural Publicist), choose among the applications of four different categories: Young | Established | Tradition/Reinterpretation | Innovation. Important umbrella terms, helping to frame and outline the exhibition title “New Tradition” and corresponding curatorial concept.



*roland baldi architects | Fire Station Pflersch

*bergmeisterwolf architekten | Hotel Pacher

*Veronika Mayr | Wineatelier Unterganzner

*Messner Architects | Unesco Viewpoint

*Plasmastudio | Strata

*Peter Pichler Architecture | Oberholz

*Christian Schwienbacher | Apatment D

*Totronic | Vierschach Bridge



*Elisa Alberti | Snowballsystem I, II

*Mirijam Heiler | 46 31 17.26

*Thomas Huck | Das disappeared Valley

*Martin Kargruber | Transmitter mast, Field, Stable

*Arthur Kostner | Landscape in red

*Giancarlo Lamonaca | The other realism

*Josef Rainer | Structure 1,2,3

*Maria Walcher | Fuge



Architect David Calas, Lisa Trockner (Director SKB)



Vernissage May 9, 2019 at 7 p.m. The exhibition will remain open until 30 May. Next year, a BINA 2020 project will be presented in the Prisma Gallery in Bozen-Bolzano.


Foto: Sven Wuttej_Studio Calas

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