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Karl Plattner „hoch – tief – flach“

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mediation graphic printing

In this exhibition, the SKB strives to provide a detailed explanation especially of technical printing methods as embodied by the work of Karl Plattner. Explanatory panels provide basic information and indicate the great range of possibilities. On the basis of the works of Plattner, in particular schoolchildren have the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of graphic printing. Selected examples of graphic works serve to depict the artist's struggle with this medium and also to present contemporary printing techniques and examples of prints.

With this exhibition, the Südtiroler Künstlerbund provides schoolchildren with an opportunity to work directly on-site with artists, to make their own prints, and to discover the tremendous possibilities lurking in this medium.

The workshop, which will take place in this context with secondary schools from Bolzano, includes getting to know drypoint etching and experimenting with monotypy. The students will receive a guided tour through the exhibition and at the same time a theoretical introduction to the topic of graphics. In the practical part all students learn all the steps of drypoint etching, from selecting the motif, making a sketch, scratching the copper plate with the drypoint, applying the printing ink, preparing the plate for printing and the final printing process. You will also learn the somewhat easier technical process of monotyping, from preparing a base with an ink roller, applying the paper, applying a selected motif, its carbon copy and the final print.

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