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solo exhibition
City Gallery Brixen / Bressanone

Friday, Feb. 07, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.




Duration of exhibition: Feb. 08 - April 17, 2020


Katharina Roth, Pianist and composer

Improvisation on the exhibition


Following: Greeting

Lisa Trockner/ Alexander Zoeggeler, Federation of South Tyrolean Artists (SKB)

Peter Brunner, Mayor

Claudio Del Piero, Vice-Mayor

Monika Leitner, City Culture Councilor



Karin Pernegger, Curator of the Municipal Gallery of Brixen / Bressanone


The South Tyrolean artist Martina Steckholzer (born: 1974; currently residing in Vienna) presents in the Municipal Gallery a spatial intervention with paintings and music. The starting-point of the exhibition PAINTING CORRIDORS is the 7-part and large-format workgroup "A Lent" (2018), which will be provided with live musical accompaniment on the piano during the premiere by the composer and pianist Katharina Roth (born: 1990; residing in Vienna). The title "A Lent" is derived from the musical direction of slower playing contained in Maurice Ravel's world-famous sonata for violin and violoncello "A la mémoire de Claude Debussy." This is evidence not only of Steckholzer's abstract poetic imagery, but also of her musical access which, on the occasion of the exhibition, she has supplemented for the first time with a spatial installation and a composition.


The works of Martina Steckholzer have the medium of paint as their starting-point. Her paintings have process-oriented and conceptional inquiries relating to the compaction of exhibition architectures and their artwork as their template. By means of video footage, the artist analyzes the encountered spaces with her works of art. She develops her abstract pictorial studies on the basis of the complex reception axes between space, artwork, and observer. The atmospheric tone of the experienced encountered spaces was always the artist's central interest. In the framework of the exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Brixen / Bressanone, this tone will, for the first time, become – in the form of a musical interpretation – an auditory component of the exhibition. By means of the workgroup "A Lent," Steckholzer develops an intervention into the room and entirely abandons, for the first time, the concept of a classical suspension. Analogous to her research-oriented access in wandering through art rooms, the viewer likewise wanders through corridors composed of canvases on which Katharina Roth in turn reacts to the opening evening in her improvisation.


A further cooperation between the artist and the composer is linked to the audio and video material arising from the opening inasmuch as the material will be employed in the following half-year for another cycle of works which – bound by a final composition – will premiere and be exhibited in the autumn of 2020 at the Doris Ghetta Gallery.


With its first exhibition under the curatorship of Karin Pernegger, the Municipal Gallery of Brixen / Bressanone – in cooperation with the Federation of South Tyrolean Artists (SKB) – transforms itself into an experimental laboratory in order to open and establish the gallery room not only as a classical exhibition space, but also as a process-oriented studio landscape for the promotion of local artists. This idea of opening itself up and offering a laboratory situation will continue being thematized by Pernegger in subsequent exhibitions, too.


Friday, March 06, 7:00 p.m.: Karin Pernegger will conduct a tour through the exhibition


Martina Steckholzer, born in 1974 in Sterzing /Vipiteno, Italy, lives and works in Vienna.
MA Visual Arts, Prof. G. Damisch / Heimo Zobernig, Academy of Visual Arts of Vienna. Selected solo shows: 2019 in situ, Gefängnis LeCarceri Gallery, Caldaro, Italy; 2018 Black Concrete, with Andreas Fogarasi, Montafon Art Forum, Austria; 2017 Clarice, Meyer Kainer Gallery, Vienna, Austria. The Balancing Act, foyer of the rehearsal stages of the State Theater of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria; 2011 Wilkinson Gallery, London, United Kingdom; 2010 Meyer Kainer Gallery, Vienna, Austria; 2009 Schwaz Municipal Gallery, Schwaz, Austria; 2008 Meyer Kainer Gallery, Vienna, Austria; In And Out Of, Art in Architecture, Bressanone, Italy; 2006 Wilkinson Gallery, London, United Kingdom Noise, State Opera, Vienna, Austria; 2005 Set, Galerie Museum, Bolzano, Italy. Selected group shows: 2019 High Five! Doris Ghetta Gallery, Ortisei, Italy; 2018 Affective Effects, Doris Ghetta Gallery, Ortisei, Italy; Meaning gets unstable, Doris Ghetta Gallery, Ortisei, Italy; 2016 My Abstract World, me Collectors Room Berlin, Berlin, Germany; Mir ist das Leben lieber / I Prefer Life, Reydan Weiss Collection - Weserburg, Museum of Modern Art, Bremen, Germany; 2015 Flirting with Strangers, 21er Haus, Vienna, Austria; 2014 Visual Worlds of Reduction, RLB Kunstbrücke, Innsbruck, Austria; 2013 Collection #4, 21er Haus, Vienna, Austria; Luisa Kasalicky, Martina Steckholzer & Suse Krawagna, Carinthia Art Association / Artists' House of Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria


Katharina Roth, born in 1990, studied composition under Dieter Mack in Lübeck, under Daniel D‘Adamo in Reims, and – since 2018 – under Carola Bauckholt in Linz. Additionally: Piano under Jacques Ammon in Lübeck and currently music therapy at the mdw in Vienna. 2015/16 Dhrupad Singing under the Gundecha brothers in India. Master classes, inter alia, under Samuel Adler, Rebecca Saunders, and Johannes Schöllhorn. Cooperation with L'Instant Donné, IEMA, hand werk, orkest de ereprijs, Schlagquartett Köln (percussion quartette of Cologne), Reflection and New Vocal Soloists of Stuttgart. Awards include the Felix-Mendelssohn Bartholdy Student Competition, the Karlsruhe Composition Prize, the Aribert-Reimann Scholarship, the Rotary Club Wels Scholarship, a work scholarship of the Artists' House Otte 1 Eckernförde, Art Scholarship of the City of Linz. In 2020, she received a scholarship for her works from the Federal Chancellor's Office of Vienna.


Foto: Leonhard Angerer

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