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solo exhibition
Elisa Alberti
Gallery Prisma

In the exhibition "fragments" held in the Galerie Prisma, Elisa Alberti presents new works having a variety of formats.


Elisa Alberti shifts between the media of painting and drawing, and combines elements of each. Her works are characterized by an abstract-formal artistic style based in the objectiveness of day-to-day reality.

Within her chosen field of expression, Elisa Alberti applies colors, shapes, and lines to paper, wood, or canvas. By superimposing and layering alternating graphical and organic shapes and fragments, the interplay of the foreground and the background represents a focus of her artistic process. Her pictorial compositions are limited to just a few colors which are then expanded through shades and progressions. This results in drawings and paintings which usually make use of the same format and which make it possible to recognize one and the same related, formal principle.

At the Galerie Prisma, visitors can view multiple series of small-format works from different cycles as well as large paintings on canvas. The artist presents works mounted opposite each other in steel stands, thus opening up an additional level of viewing. As a result, the works advance from the wall and into the room, thus providing the visitor with changing points of view.

The sound and video installation "flying fragments" developed especially for this exhibition represents a collaboration between Elisa Alberti and Alexander Ebner and presents in the second part of the exhibition painted and digitalized fragments from the artist's works in moving form.




Born on June 9, 1992 in Kiel (Germany). Grew up in Bruneck / Brunico (South Tyrol).

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the class for Graphics and Printing Techniques with Prof. Gunter Damisch and with Prof. Christian Schwarzwald.



2013 "Why should I be original" Galerie Prawneg &Wolf, Bruneck / Brunico

2015 "Absberggasse voraus," HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna

2015 "Die From," Kunstraum HERR LEUTNER, Vienna

2016 Group exhibition with Johannes Bosisio at the Kunstraum Variatio, Bruneck / Brunico

2016 "Punkt.Strich," project room das Manfred, Vienna

2018 "Druckgrafik am Brillantengrund," Hotel am Brillantengrund, Vienna

2018 "GENESIS," Tryfon Art Residency, Lesbos (Greece)

2018 "19/Kunstakt/Handle with care," Fellner Wratzfeld Partners law offices, Vienna

2019 "New Tradition" in the framework of the Bina 2019 International Architecture Week, Likovna Galerja, Belgrad, through the Federation of South Tyrolean Artists (SKB)

2019 "Between the lines," Xhibit, Vienna

2019 "Augenlust," Galerie Sophiavonhier, Salzburg

2019 Artist Statement Parallel Vienna with Galerie Sophiavonhier, Vienna

2019_ "Relation," Galerie Paul Hafner, St. Gallen

2019_ "Living Studio," Freiraum Q21, Vienna (curated and organized by the Jan Arnold Gallery)



2018_ Molyvos


Opening times (new)

Tuesday - Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.




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