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Nov. 25 – Dec. 06 Exhibition and auction with new rules

To celebrate the anniversary, the auction will last not just one day, but rather a full ten work-days during which time you can submit your bids to the Gallery Prisma. Only five bids will be accepted per lot.


For the anniversary year, together with Walter Sonnberger, we've developed a new concept: This year, for the first time in the SKB's history, the auction has a specific topic. NUDES. And while the nude – the naked human body – is the centerpiece, it is understood largely in the context of exposure and concealment. This concept is seen also in the form auction – the silent auction, in which anonymous bids can be made so as to not expose one's identity. The mysterious black-box system intensifies this process. During the auction, the factor of "unpredictability" plays a role because the demand affects the bids. Emotion and dynamic forces arise during the auction: The hunting instinct is stimulated, thus encouraging competition. The desire for something you can't be sure you'll get is awakened and the wish to possess it sharpened. Every auction is an exciting event, an adventure, and a risk. But it remains undisputed: An auction is ultimately only as successful as the group of bidders. To be able to enjoy art, to see it up close, and then possibly to acquire it is a personally enriching experience with a long-term effect.

Robert Bosisio, Aron Demetz, Arnold Mario Dall'O, and Peter Senoner have donated their lots to the Südtiroler Künstlerbund. The works of art lie underneath black boxes so that the secret is revealed only gradually during the auction.


The auction catalog is available for examination at the Gallery Prisma and can also be downloaded from our homepage.


The auction begins with the preview at the Gallery Prisma on November 25 and will continue till December 06, 2019. At 7:00 p.m. on December 06, the sales will be announced and the four black boxes auctioned off by the auctioneer, Walter Sonnberger.


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